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Do you want to improve your profitabilty with a 5 stars services...?

With 35 years experience in the Hospitality Business, NHGS can offer you an independent professional assistance in all areas of your restaurant or food and beverages service operations.
We specialize in successful restaurant start-ups, Staffing, Customer Service training and in improving the profitability of existing restaurants, from Concept Development to operations quality and Menu Development
Our Services can include:

Budget Creation - construction & operational Monthly Assistance/Oversight
Mystery Shopper Competitive Analysis
Concept Development
Employee Job Descriptions Operations and Policy Manuals
Food Cost Control & Operational Systems Project Time-lines / Checklists
Hands-On Assistance Restaurant Design and Layout
Hiring and Training of Staff Restaurant Feasibility Studies
Kitchen Design Restaurant Refurbishment
Labour Scheduling Restaurant Start-up Consulting

Our reasonable fees make it possible for owners of small to medium size operations to afford our restaurant consultant services.

We offer sensible, real-world guidance with suggestions and recommendations that deliver tangible results enabling a quick realization of return on your investment


Working with employers, learning providers and other key industry stakeholders, Hospitality Consulting & Services will ensure that courses offered and programmes delivered, are in line with industry best practice.

In-house training packages include;

Customer Service
Employee Motivation
Hygiene for Food Handlers
Essentials of Good Food & Beverage Service
Dealing with Conflict
Selling Accommodation & Services
Communication Skills & Telephone Sales

"We really DO care"

Nigro Hotel & Gastro Services
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